Architectures for enabling serendipity

Strategic enablement of foundational architecture in your platform can help your product and IT teams discover new ways to create value from your organizational assets. We’ll present value-driven approaches to building these necessary capabilities into the platform, paths to follow, and traps to avoid.

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You know that there is a ton of potential value locked away within your enterprise. It’s your job to use IT resources to turn that potential into realized value. To do that, you need to expose information to your business to find new ways to drive business opportunities. You also need to provide your developers access to the data in your enterprise so they can build the applications to support those opportunities.

But you are in a vicious cycle: your business doesn’t know what opportunities to pursue because they don’t know what information they have. You don’t know which applications to build because the business can’t provide that guidance. And every time you add a new application, the complexity seems to explode, and you find you are moving slower and slower so that values stays locked away in enterprise databases and Excel spreadsheets and in the logic of services that support your business.

You need to find a new way to build systems that provides the right information to the right people, even if they don’t know exactly what they’re looking for. And you need to run experiments with minimal investment in real time. You know that savvy companies are factoring teams around discrete business domains. These teams are tasked with creating APIs that generate business value. Team success is measured against their ability to do so. This is your path.

But to embark on this journey, you need to be prepared. You need to understand what tools and techniques are available to you. You need your IT platform to clear a path for your API and application developers so they can do their jobs without getting constantly distracted by reinventing the scaffolding that delivering enterprise software requires.

Daniel Somerfield and Ryan Murray outline the kinds of architectural choices you’ll need to make, the trade-offs you will face, and how to keep focus on the outcomes your business needs.

Topics include:

  • Creating a value-based approach to platform building
  • Building the foundation: The core capabilities you need to build in from the beginning to create a viable platform for growth and experimentation
  • The role of strategy when enabling these capabilities in your platform
  • Examples of projects that have used these approaches to create serendipitous value for their business

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